Alyssa and Chris

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Our Story

Our relationship began like every epic 21st century relationship would… online….. at work. Now we know what you’re thinking, and that’s ‘how in the world did we end up in this position today?’ We didn’t know it at the time but our relationship was years in the making. For those of you who don’t know; we met working for the same company in completely different cities. What started as routine monotonous tasks, became enjoyable! Yes, we did just use a reference to work as enjoyable (weird right?!).
We found each other at a low point in each of our lives, and we’ve been high ever since. Whether it’s visiting our favorite vacation spots, finding fun local joints to eat at, or just staying up into the wee hours of the night listening to music in the kitchen, we find fun in whatever we’re doing as long as it is with each other.
What we are most proud of is the life that we created together. Part of that creation being our beautiful daughter Nolia. Watching her grow has been the most amazing experience and has made our bond that much stronger.
Thank you all for your support and taking the time to come celebrate with us. We cannot wait to see you all!
Love, Alyssa, Chris and Nolia